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PH #00 or JCIS #00 Scews

To begin this is mainly about the screws that need to removed in order to change out the camera but it does apply across the board.

In iFixIt guides they call for the 00 Philips screw driver but in Apple's own self service guides and tool purchases/rentals it says JCIS bit. I know the differences between PH and JCIS is very minimal but it still seems somewhat important to know the difference.

So basically, regardless of how much it may or may not matter, which is the actual 100% correct tool? Does apple use JCIS screws instead of Philips or???

Thank you.

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This is a hard one,while apple says it is a jcis screw a Philips driver will work along side a jcis driver

So really it’s 6 and two 3s(the same thing with a slight difference)

Let’s just say for now that they are both correct as they both do the job and tick the boxes

Just as a example:A LCD tv makes a picture and so does a LED tv ,they are the same but ever so slightly different but roughly use the same process of getting what they are intended for

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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