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I have a country clipper with a kohler 7000 engine

I ran over some roots that I didn't see, the engine started sputtering so I shut off the blades, now my engine sputters under load, ill pull the choke out for about 30 seconds and push it back in then the engine will run fine for a min or 2 then it starts all over again, any info will be helpful, and I only have 80 hours on the engine

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@jay99 you have a complete engine number? I wonder if the "timing" got knocked out of whack


@jay99 One possibility is the timing being off, like @oldturkey03 said. That is rarer though, because hitting a root with a zero turn (I’m assuming that’s what you have) shouldn’t be anywhere near enough to knock timing off. Had it been a walk behind (push) mower, absolutely, because those have the blade directly on the engine axle. (That’s why they use flywheel keys.)

A complete engine number and mower model would help.


It says kt730


@jay99 the attached SM in the answer will cover your model


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@jay99 for now I'd go and check a few things according to the general 7000 series SM. I would use the troubleshooting for the "Engine runs but misses" troubleshooting

Engine Runs But Misses

● Carburetor adjusted incorrectly.

● Engine overheated.

● Faulty spark plug(s).

Ignition module(s) faulty or improperly gapped.

● Incorrect crankshaft position sensor air gap.

● Interlock switch is engaged or faulty.

Loose wires or connections that intermittently ground ignition kill circuit.

● Quality of fuel (dirt, water, stale, mixture).

● Spark plug lead(s) disconnected.

● Spark plug lead boot loose on plug.

Spark plug lead loose.

Choose things that could have happened by a bit of impact. See if this manual Kohler 7000 SM will help you to narrow it down

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