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Support and repair information for devices related to electromyography (EMG).

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Vicking EDX desktop serial number RW 120227M not turning on advise

Not used for 10 years need help to start it

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Vatche Cabayan seems like Viking is actually the software only. Looks like a Nicolet EDX system running that software. So take a look at this manual Viking EDX And Synergy EDX V21 User English 01 30 2020 CE2797 and check if that is the correct device. You also want to let us know what you have checked and what you have tried.

Turning on a Desktop system

For the first time you switch on the system power, switch the components on in the following order.

1. Isolation Transformer

2. Monitor

3. Processor (Computer)

4. Base Unit

In this manual there are plenty of references to the Viking systems that may prove helpful Viasys Neurodiagnostic Instruments Service Manual You did not tell us if you have all of those components to complete the device.

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