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Kali Linux is an open-source, Debian-based Linux distribution that is geared toward various cyber security tasks.

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Kali is refusing to let me install the GRUB boot loader on a VM

Kali Linux is refusing to let me install the GRUB boot loader when using a Virtual Machine. I have been following this guide for some reference. Any advice is always appreciated, and yes, I enabled the network mirror lol.

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briant.1997 What device are you trying to install to, laptop, tablet, etc. (exact model number, with specs)? What distro is it? We need some general information in order to help. How to ask a good question on iFixit


Are you getting any kind of error messages when you try to install GRUB?


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One of the things you should check is if your VM is accessing your network. This may vary depending on the particular VM, but if you're using VMware you can find it under VM > Settings > Network Adapter.

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