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Apple's smallest iPhone 14 was released on September 9th and comes with a 6.1" OLED display, an advanced dual 12 MP camera system, and a front camera with autofocus. Successor to the iPhone 13.

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Why does my iPhone 14 has a smudge on the display?

My Iphone has a smudge which can be visible mostly on grey screens and also can be seen on screenshots. This is weird, since i can see it in a screenshot i think it has some thing to do with software but I'm not sure.

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iOS 16.1.1 just released. Maybe you can try updating?


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It looks like it could be some form of

discolouration between the layers or the display

If it’s still in warranty it might be worth a shot taking it to apple to get it fixed under warranty however if it isn’t available you could replace the display to fix the issue

Here’s the guide for that

iPhone 14 Screen Replacement

However if it appears in a screenshot it is a software issue and could be fixed by restoring the phone or waiting for a software update that fixes it

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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If it appears in a screenshot than it is probably not a issue for the screen.



I mentioned that in a edit :-)

I only realised it was a screen shot after I looked at it several times XD



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Let's retrace:

  • If the issue is on your phone display but doesn't appear on a screenshot it is caused by a stain on the display, such as sauce.
  • If the issue appears on the phone display and screenshot it's a common problem caused by LCD damage or discoloration.

If it's the first issue grab paper towels and thoroughly clean off the display. If it's the second issue you have to replace the display screen either at home or at a repair shop. Just make sure your device still has warranty for qualified repair.

iPhone 14 Screen Replacement

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