Slight acceleration delay after hard braking

Hello everybody! I've had my '14 Civic Coupe for roughly a year, and something I've recently noticed is after I brake harshly and don't come to a complete stop, there's a delay of roughly 2 seconds before the vehicle accelerates. If I brake lightly, come to a complete stop, or wait for a second or two before getting back on the accelerator, this issue is not present. I'm unsure if this is normal and just something I've never noticed, or if there actually is an issue with my vehicle.

The civic in question is equipped with the 1.8 & the CVT. I've changed the CVT fluid with an OEM equivalent from Partsource roughly 10,000Kms ago.

Anybody have any pointers? Is this something other people are experiencing on their CVT civics?

Just to reiterate, this issue is only present with hard braking, followed by immediate acceleration. If I come to a complete stop, brake gently, or wait a moment before accelerating, the vehicle behaves normally.

Thanks everybody =)

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