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The March 2019 refresh of Apple's iPad Mini tablet, featuring an A12 Bionic SoC and an updated True Tone Retina display with Pencil support. Available in Wi-Fi and LTE with 64 and 256 GB storage options.

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Best screen replacement and option

I was asked to replace an iPad mini 5 screen for a cousin of mine. I see there is an option for adhesive and magnetic sensor, but what’s the difference between the normal screen with adhesive and the screen with adhesive/ magnetic strip included? All I was told was screen was cracked, home button still functions as it should. Thanks!

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Hi Max,

According to the iPad mini 5 Wi-Fi Screen Replacement guide here on iFixit, the magnetic sensor is needed for the sleep/wake function when you open and close the lid. Apparently significant soldering skills are required in order to transfer that sensor from the old screen to the new one, so I'd strongly recommend getting the one with it already installed. Here's the relevant passage of interest.

Some replacement screens don't come with a magnetic sensor installed. Without a magnetic sensor, the iPad won’t be able to sleep and wake when using a Smart Cover. It may also cause the power button to not be able to sleep and wake the iPad. AssistiveTouch may also lose its sleep and wake functionality. Without a magnetic sensor, holding down the power button to prompt the power off slider will still wake the screen. The home button will also still wake the screen.

Transferring the magnetic sensor requires advanced soldering skills. The magnetic sensor cable is soldered to the screen.

And you will definitely need to carefully transfer the home button from the old screen; if you damage it you can probably replace it but you'll lose the Touch ID function; only Apple can restore that capability and they won't touch it if the screen's been replaced.

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So if I replace LCD screen and all, I should include the magnetic sensor, just so it’s on there, rather than try to buy just the screen and solder the old sensor on to the new one? Will it function properly, as factory would of I bought the screen with it?


@Max SinisterFX That would be my suggestion unless you are very confident in your soldering abilities. Either way it should work correctly; it's just that you've got more chances to make a mistake or damage something if you have to transfer the sensor; you've got enough to worry about already with the home button.

If I was doing the job for a family member, I'd want to play it as safe as possible, which would mean getting one with the sensor already installed. Note that the sensor replacement procedure is rated here on iFixit at the highest level possible, "Very Difficult".


@dadibrokeit Thanks for the speedy reply!


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