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The Toshiba Satellite M45 Laptop is designed for powerful, portable, multimedia computing. It features a 15.4” WXGA Display running Microsoft Windows XP, with 1.6GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, and 80GB Hard Drive.

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Need a replacement motherboard

Hi all,

After following the helpful instructions on how to remove the mobo out of my Toshiba Satellite M45 I must say my power problem lies in the fact that near the power button switch on the mobo there are 4 little boxes (resistors maybe?) 2 of which look burnt. Anyone have a replacement part or can suggest where to find one (besides fleabay?)



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You can find a few on here and many other places like that. Good Luck.

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lol ok thanks i think i meant to ask if anyone on here has one but i guess i can jsut troll google thanks


;-) I figured something like that. Not much of a swap meet here. Usually we do not sell or advertise parts on here, but doesn't hurt to ask....best of luck.


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