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Анонсированный 13 Октября и выпущенный 23 Октября флагманский смартфон 2020 года от Apple оснащен 6.1-дюймовым OLED-дисплеем, системой задних камер с тремя объективами, LiDAR и 5G. Преемник iPhone 11 Pro.

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What else could be wrong with my iPhone 12 Pro?

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My phone got smacked by an ATV after it fell out of my pocket. I don't think it was actually run over b/c the damage doesn't look that bad.

However the screen is smashed and it won't turn on. I opened it up and it looks pretty good... the battery doesn't looked smushed or bulging.

So I bought a replacement screen because I really just want to get it to turn on so I can get the photos from the day it died. But I plugged in the screen and it still doesn't power up.

I was thinking that maybe some other parts I can't see are damaged, but before I completely disassemble it, wondered if anyone has some other things to check.


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Did you disconnect the battery before you changed the screen?


What does the back of the phone look like?


@barriphone i dont think it matters now in newer models if you disconnect the battery before replacing the screen


@tech_ni It still does.


@guardian10 im doing more consoles than phones atm so havent looked into it much


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Yikes, I think I disagree as to whether it got run over or not, lol. That's one broke phone!

Anyway, check the charging port carefully with a magnifying glass and a bright light; there could easily be dirt or debris in there keeping the plug from making good contact. You might try cleaning it with a microfiber eyeglass cloth and some 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol; a toothpick works pretty good for getting the cloth down into the port.

Once you're satisfied the port looks good (and has no bent or broken pins), try plugging it into a computer and see if it's recognized. That will tell you if it's got a minimal amount of function even if you can't see anything on the screen.

Give those things a shot and let us know what you find.

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Good job bro I like you’re Answers


Ps I voted you up 😁


splatkat, I think I have to agree with @dadibrokeit’s disagreement; That looks like it was both hit and run over. The funny thing: It’s actually worse for the phone to get “smacked” hard, than to be run over by a tyre, because the impact can result in forces many times greater than a tyre running over it.

If what @dadibrokeit doesn’t show any difference, you could likely be looking at board separation :( That will require splitting the logic board and further analysis.


thanks @dadibrokeit.

so, i did clean out the charging port as suggested and plugged it into my computer, but nothing happened.

however, i did the same thing with another iphone and before my computer would recognize it, i had to put in the passcode to unlock it and use the "accessory" (i have the phone cable plugged into a USB hub since my macbook only has USB-C ports and my phone cable is USB 2.0 or whatever) ... so since the screen on this broken phone isn't working, i won't be able to unlock it so that the computer can see it.


@geirandersen tire* not tyre sorry for being rude just letting you know 😁


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Maybe the battery got dislodged and there is a way to get the info of off the phone I think search it up

Maybe some part or components got smashed this happens trace the board and tell me what you see (might need to use microscope)

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