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The Dyson DC34 is a bagless, battery-powered, handheld vacuum that is designed for quick pickups in the kitchen, office, or car.

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The switch seems to work sporadically, even when charged.

The battery charger shows green light then quickly goes out, so assume fully charged, however the cleaner switch sometimes doesn't work.

How do I replace this and where can I buy one?

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Replacing switches on these older dyson hand held vacuum is a bit of a fight so unless you are up for a challenge I would recommend buying a new body without the battery,cyclone or bin

If you do want to go ahead with the repair the only thing I can recommend is giving it a good clean with isopropyl alcohol and checking the solder joints and reflowing them if necessary

Here’s a video for the repair


Actual repair starts at around 5mins

Unfortunately the trigger/switch part is hard to find so replacing the whole body is probably the best thing to do

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Just going to add what I learned last week replacing the battery in my Dyson V7, not the same but looks very similar. I noticed that the trigger switch moves a linkage that presses a switch on the battery itself. It seems that the switch is built into the battery which is really hard to break into.

Block Image

Not sure if its the same for yours just something I learned (kind of a clever idea) that I though I would share.

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