Intermittent Connection and/or Extrusion Issues (?)

First, this is on a Linux Pop-OS system76 laptop (but also tested on a Dell Inspiron 17 with Ubuntu). I know the problem isn't anything like a bad cable or port, since the printer does in fact operate under certain circumstances. Here's the problem...

I recently dusted off this M3D Micro I have, the software of which was on my old Dell laptop. Except for a bad model (the .stl needed repair), the printer printed the .stl with no issues. Then I decided I should probably just put the software on my newer laptop and run from there instead. I figured out how to repair my model, but then ran into all kinds of grief trying to get the old M3D software to run on my newer system. Those issues are resolved (I think), and this is where I'm at now...

I have two software downloads:

m3drealize_1.8.2-1_amd64.deb: Printer connects but does not extrude any filament i.e. the extruder moves around as if printing, but nothing comes out. This is true on both the System76 and, now, also the Dell (re-installed the software, earlier). I've removed and reinserted the filament and it does extrude a bit during that process, so there isn't a hardware issue. It just won't do it when I go to print anything!

M3D-Linux- Printer connection cuts in and out, with a message popping up every time upon re-connection: It keeps telling me that my gantrys need to be reconfigured and that I cannot print until this is done (again, this happens on both computers; I wish I had not uninstalled and re-installed on the Dell, but I didn't realize there would be any problems down the road!).

So does anyone have any idea what's going on here and, just as important, how I can go about fixing it?

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Okay, the printer is now printing! Apparently, I wasn't pushing on the filament hard enough during loading, which was causing a feed issue (but not enough of one that it wouldn't extrude any filament, as per my original post). The issue is neither hardware nor software, but rather my mistake, which is now solved (thank the saints)!


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