Why is my hotend clogging

Some filament got In there and cooled or burn is is not budging and no Filomena is coming out. Please help

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I had this issue. It was a long-bloated process to get it unclogged there was so much plastic clogged inside. Just spend the $20 and replace the hotend altogether. Replacing the hotend would be easier than what I did. While yes, I got it unclogged, I also ended up ripping the thermistor wire from the heating block by accident and had to replace my entire hotend in the end. Save yourself the headache I had and take the easy way out.

As to why it is clogging probably need to calibrate your Esteps. Might be pushing too much/not enough plastic. Could also be the not hot enough/too hot on your hotend make sure to calibrate that as well. There are many videos on Youtube on these topics although it may not be the Vyper machine specifically, but the same principles apply. good luck



I only just read this request for assistance and I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you sooner.

Yes, the simplest solution is to replace the entire hotend with one from another manufacturer.

The problem is that the original hotend is poorly designed and the smooth heatbreak, heater block and heat sink element have a shape that does not guarantee against the loss of melted filament drops inside the hotend.

Furthermore, the smooth heatbreak is fixed inside the heat sink element by two screws on the same side, a choice that involves an inclination of the nozzle axis, which is therefore not perpendicular to the printer bed.

Not being perpendicular, the nozzle hole is inclined with respect to the base, so the filament is no longer homogeneous but will have variable thickness, with the risk of irregular filaments on the bed and detachment of printed objects.

If I haven't been clear (as is evident, English is not my mother tongue), feel free to write to me.


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