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Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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iPod touch 6th Generation boot-looping after battery death.

Hey, so my iPod touch of nearly 5 years just went into boot-loop that is persisting, even after attempting to force-reset. This would totally be fine despite the fact when I plug it into my computer to attempt iTunes, it breaks the loop/shuts down completely even if on the recovery page and does not turn back on until I re-plug it into my adapter. Does anyone have any possible idea or tips on how to fix this? I assume it's a battery issue or maybe I dropped it and it disconnected something? (Please help I have no idea)

Context after proofreading: I've dropped it before and it has automatically rebooted but it's never boot-looped. At all.

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Solution 1: Force Restart iPhone to Fix iPhone Boot Loop(iPhone 12 Supported)

Solution 2: Fix iPhone Reboot Loop using iTunes

Solution 3: Fix iPhone Boot Loop Without Data Loss

Solution 4: Restore iPhone from Recovery Mode



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Will, those of us experienced with iPhone repair can work out most of these "solutions" and how to do them, but the average person isn't going to be able to.

But solution 3 is the real winner here; you've given no indication of how that's supposed to work.

Your contributions are welcome and it really does appear you're trying to help, but if you're just going to copy answers from internet searches (not that there's anything wrong with that, but provide attribution when you do), you need to include either a link to the original or enough information to make what you do present usable.


Hi Will! Sorry, I completely forgot about this post! However, I do not believe this will work. I have attempted to fix boot-loop however it did not work and resulted in recovery screen. However, when I plug it into my computer, it doesn't charge at all.


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These iPods are getting a little on the older side now(that’s one of the things that makes them sooo cool!)

With age batteries degrade and don’t always hold their charge as well as they used to,I have a 6th gen too and one day it died and didn’t charge back up

This issue was caused by a bad battery and I suspect it is probably the same issue in your case

You can fix this by replacing the battery which is a soldering job,it’s not the easiest but not the hardest ether

Here’s a guide in doing it


Once the battery has been replaced your iPod should be all good to go!

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Hi! Sorry, I completely forgot about this post! I do not believe it was *just* the battery in this case because even though it was/has been developing a nice pillow, it should still at least half-function after a few minutes of charge, but it instantly turned off. Could this still be a battery issue?




No worries about the delay

I’m here alot;-)

I still believe that the battery is the culprit here as

1)if the battery is swollen that means that the battery is faulty it at least one way

2)the reason why it’s bootlooping is because the battery isn’t supplying enough power to fully turn on,only enough to start

It’s happened to be more times that I can count and this seems just like it:-)


Hi cat,

I have to agree with @hellomacos, your repair should definitely start with replacing the battery. There are electronics built into the battery that can be damaged when the battery swells, and if those fail they can definitely cause boot loops. Or it could be as HelloMacOS has said, that there's not enough power to run the iPod, despite being plugged in. I can't say for sure on the iPod Touch, but there are many devices where the power to the electronics only comes from the battery, and the power from the charging port is only used to charge the battery; in those cases the device won't run with a bad battery. That theory can be tested by disconnecting the battery and seeing if it still comes up when plugged in, but if you're going to go that far you might as well just replace the battery while you're in there; the costs are pretty cheap for these older devices these days.


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I would recommend just a simple disassembly to see if anything is disslodged if there is a ribbon cable or something disconnected this could result in the problem you are seeing.

Hope this helped.

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Hi! Sorry, I completely forgot about this post! Thanks, I'll see if I can do that and see if there's a ribbon cable loose however why would that explain the instant shut-off when off the adapter and on PC usb slot?


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i have got the same problem as well

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