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Switch Dock Charging But Not Displaying on TV

So, I've had a bad habit of leaving a game running on my TV and walking away from it. This hasn't caused any problems in the past until yesterday when I left the switch running animal crossing and stepped away to do some chores which took longer than expected. I came back a few hours later and found that when I went to turn on the switch again, the TV just showed a black screen.

The switch seems to be okay and it still charges when I attach it to the dock. I've tried just about every version of turning it on and off/unplugging and plugging back in, and the screen still seems to be black.

I don't have the resources to pay for nintendo to fix it and would like to do the repair myself.

Any idea how to fix this?

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Just to be sure I understand you correctly, the screen on your Switch still shows items on the display, just will not show on the TV, correct?

This could be a few things, it could be the issue is with your dock, or the HDMI cable rather than your Switch. Charging and display output use the same port on the Switch, but the signals transmitting through the port are two different systems. Check a different HDMI cable first, and if that still doesn’t make a difference, see if you can get your hands on another dock, or even a USB C to HDMI adapter will likely do the job.

If that doesn’t work, then it may be an issue with the port on the Switch. There may be some loose, bent, or damaged pins. You can hav a look into the port with a flashlight to see if anything looks amiss. But if it’s damaged, that’s a repair which requires decent soldering skills. It’s not a super difficult repair if you’ve done soldering like that before, but it isn’t something I would recommend if you’ve never used a soldering iron before. Further, it could be an issue with the motherboard itself. Which is also fixable, but similarly would require specialized soldering skills.

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I've been experiencing a similar bug or glitch with my switch Ig recently where my switch screen would be on but wouldn't appear on tv, it's been happening for over 2 years? since 2021, I got this switch around mid August of 2018 so for about 5 years or so and never had this happen to me before. It still charges and works fine, I don't think the dock is broken at least I don't think so? Idk. It only started working recently around April to May this year where I would dock the switch and the screen would appear but then shut off after like a 1min or 2mins? after a few minutes of troubleshooting later it actually lasted longer than a minute! which is new since it never lasted longer than 1 minute, but then shut off around 11 to 12 ish mins. Before it came to where if I even touched the switch the screen would just shut off, I tried everything to re-seating the switch to soft-resetting, unplugging both cables for over 10mins and nothing worked, the only 3 I haven't tried are getting a new HDMI cable, switching to a new TV or getting a new dock... which is a lil too expensive for me atm. so i'm really stuck rn I've been trying to find people with a similar issue of mind and finally found one here at Ifixit. Lets hope Ifixit and fix the hell out of my switch since idk what to do. [Btw my TV is a TCL Roku if you were curious] I also have another small issue that occurred a few months ago where when I put any Joycons on the switch they wouldn't connect, Does anyone know why that happened? it works now tho, also my left Joycon side rail has a screw that is super loose. Can't recall any other malfunctions with my switch, Other than this one. My switch still functions properly I haven't gotten anything too serious which is good. so I think thats all I have to say for today, It's nice to have finally explained? Ig about my issues, anyway bye lol.

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yehh lets hope someone sees this


also does anyone have an idea of what screwdrivers I need to fix my switch, The ones I have right now aren't working, I have a 2.0X40mm Cross? tipped driver, 1.5X40mm Tri-tipped driver and a 2.0X40mm Tri-tipped driver. But the Tri-tipped doesn't actually work??. any suggestions on where to buy the right screwdrivers? besides Ifixit, Ifixit doesn't seem to have a screwdriver pack at least not that I know of.


I'm literally having the same problem going crazy spending so much money of hdmi and hdmi adapter all to not work. Charges fine just won't show up on tv


This is normally the charge port issue on the switch. Could be bad pin that sends the voltage to and from tv to say hey im here

And turned on display a picture but if their no voltage on that pin it won't tell the tv im here hence no display but will charge and work without dock


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I’m also having the same issue with 2 switches in my household. The switch is charging, the light on the dock is on, but nothing shows up on the tv. Any solutions?

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Same :(

I even bought a Best Buy Rocketfish dock. That worked for a week or two and now it's behaving the same!


The problem here seems to be the Switch itself. Bent USB-C connector pins (for TV output) on the Switch in the first place, once used with the dock (Switch with faulty/bent pin connectors) it will ruin the dock as well. Charging pins apparently not affected, therefore still charging. Tricky issue. Get the USB-C of the Switch fixed before plugging in anything into USB-C port. Saves your dock's life :)


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