Edge Connector not deep enough?

I have 2 of these models, they both exhibit the same issue, the Sega CD will not power up when connected with case shell on. If I remove the shell and plug the Genesis into the edge connector a little deeper than the case shell will allow, everything powers on and seems to work (disc will not spin due to shell missing, but it tries). This seems weird to me, There really is no adjustment that I can see where this can be fixed, as the shell restricts the edge connector from being plugged in any further. Does this sound familiar? Any Thoughts?

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I have tried 3 different Genesis model 2 consoles, all with the same results. I have not tried a model 1 console yet, I will try that next and report back what the results are.


I tried the Model 1 genesis and it will power up occasionally. ...any thoughts?


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