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Intel's Skull Canyon generation of the gaming-focused NUC line.

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Question identifiying SMD Component - Capacitor?

Hello everyone, I have a question that I posted on Reddit and got a few contradicting answers. I purchased this Intel NUC6i7KYK as "Parts" on eBay because it was power cycling. I originally thought it just needed some cleaning and new Thermal Paste, but that is not the case. I was looking at the bottom of the board, and found what I believe to be a blown capacitor. I attached a stock picture, and circled the component in blue. I know it is impossible to identify the exact specs of this part, but at least knowing what type of part it is will point me in a direction to troubleshoot. Since the board is dead, I really have nothing to lose by trying to fix it and learn from it. According to Reddit, it is either a fuse, capacitor or resistor. One suggestion would be to put a 0ohm resistor in and try it, but I don't want to do that if it is actually a capacitor. Thank you in advance!

Block Image

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Looks like a resistor, the caps are a browny colour. I’d try and find a resistor the same dimensions and try it. Remove it from the board first and see if there’s any measurement across it. I’d also check for a bad mosfet.

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Perfect, thank you very much for the quick reply!


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