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The Galaxy Note10 Lite was released in January 2020. It is a mid-range variant of the Note 10.

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Finger print sensor not responding after change screen

Finger print not working

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Firstly, can you give me some more detail? I wouldn’t have a clue why something failed if my description is “fingerprint not working”.

Anyways, can you reply to (at least some) of the following questions:

• does the fingerprint thing say “not recognised” or does it not even try?

• have you verified that screen is an original Samsung panel?

•have you checked you didn’t damage the fingerprint cable?

And as I always say, have a search on Google (or your preferred search engine of choice) and see what comes up because 9 Times out of 10, someone has the same issue as you.

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.It says "finger print sensor not responding"

Probably the screen not original samsung panel because is taking time load when clicking to "continue" to access finger print scanner.


Some Samsungs the fingerprint sensor stops working after replacing the screen. Even with genuine screens. They seem to be going the same way as apple.


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