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A two-in-one tablet released in 2016. The device runs on Windows 10 and is a part of the Dell Precision series.

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How to access the memory / hdd on a dead unit?

This unit presented as a basket case. The owner just wants the data transferred to disc. What the heck does what i’m looking for even look like?

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If you're looking for a separate part like a laptop hard drive for the storage, it doesn't look like this tablet has that. I suspect it probably has the storage soldered onto the motherboard. That doesn't mean data isn't accessible, but it will make it more difficult to get.

Either you'll need to repair the unit so it can power on, assuming it doesn't at the moment, or you'll need to hope for easy storage that can be read off the chip directly. Either way you will likely need skills in soldering to get the data.

Some pictures of the device internals could be helpful in locating the specific chip. Or even removable storage if you're lucky, but I didn't see anything like that during my quick research.

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Thank you for helping. To compound the difficulty , the model i have is not the W535L. i have the A510L. Seems to have a little different internal layout.


So, ive got to find the correct manual. Then locate the internal storage (if it is on a single dedicated chip rather than many chips). Unsolder that chip without burning it.

Then what?

Would i be able to wire it into a usb connection and pull the data off that way? i mean, not me personally as that would decrease the odds of a successful transfer, but would that be how a skilled tech would do it?


@one_iota It depends on the sort of storage it uses. If it uses eMMC, then that's easier since eMMC will have it's own storage controller built in and you can pull the chip off, put it in a reader and get data. Hopefully. Also I noted iFixit does have some a510l docs, but only the android variant and no pictures good enough for me to find out which chip might be the storage.


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