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Starlink is a satellite internet constellation developed and operated by SpaceX, a private space exploration company founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk.

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Dishy dead not communicating

Dishy quit responding over a week ago, Starlink will not respond to support request, any suggestions on if I can possibly do something to get it going? Router Wi-Fi works, cable to dish replaced, dish shows disconnected. Starlink will not help?

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Tried searching for Starlink forums? Members may have better experience and support if no one here is a Starlink expert or anyone with microwave expertise.


I have poured over any forum I can find, used to be a big supporter of starlink. No more, they have left me hanging for 9 days without any response. I paid 600 for hardware, and 110 a month for this? They provide zero support, no way to contact them!

Using the app is worthless, I know the dish is the issue but no way to replace it, they sell cables but no replacement dishes.


If Starlink forums don't exist or the ones you found aren't helpful, perhaps asking ham radio or electronics forums with people knowledgeable about microwave signals related to Starlink satellite systems may be an alternate source of help. There are always people with knowledge willing to share their expertise. The problem is finding them and asking general/specific questions. My guess is there should be a way to diagnose Starlink signals received from your antenna or other means to ensure signals exist then moving on to sequential diagnosing of your system without sophisticated equipment to determine where fault lies and any repair needed to restore Starlink service.


Here's some news that may help with your dilemma. https://www.pcmag.com/news/spacex-launch...


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Mine did this and turned out to have gotten a very small puncture on face and completely filled with water.

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When the dish died was during the coldest day this year, after 3 weeks of no contact from support I cancelled my service.


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