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Released in 2004, It's known unofficially as the E60 M5.

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2007 650i rough start up

after replacing o2 sensor car starts up rough and check engine light wont go off?

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The check engine light means the car is trying to tell you something is wrong, so it's a good idea to listen to it. You'll need to get the OBD-II codes scanned and find out what problem is turning on the check engine light. You can buy a bluetooth scanner that will connect to a free app on your phone for around $10 USD, or most auto parts stores will scan your car for free.

Find out what code or codes are being shown and come back and add that information to your question, then we'll have some indication of how you should proceed.

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I would be interested to know as I have the same car. My car doesn't have the above issue however cranks for a fair time before starting and would love to know what causes this.

As Jerry says, the best thing to do is plug in an OBD and read out the codes. I used the Carly app and dongle but there is an annual fee for the app.

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