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Repair guides for DJI's 3rd lightweight mini drone. The DJI Mini 3 Pro was released in May 2022. Model number: CP.MA.00000488.01.

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My dji is locked to another account can you do anything

Can you sort my drone

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Yes can you remove the link


You need a computer and the DJI Assistant app; not sure if you can do it without the original owner, though.


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Peter Abercrombie, First off, this is a site where users help each other solve and repair problems. It’s not a site or place where someone else fixes your stuff.

Did you buy the drone second hand, sounds like you did. If it was bought second hand from a private person, you’ll have to contact them and have them remove the drone (device) from their account.

This is done by them going into their account and under Profile>Device Management>Account and Device>Remove device from account In the account settings.

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Not let me remove it’s not hiylired


I have four DJI drones and I can't find any option to lock or unlock any drone in my DJI account.


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