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Video freaks out when windows are moved around on the screen

Hi All! Another wacky 15" PowerBook question: I've got a machine that works 100%, except when you move a window or an application, even slightly, the image within that window freaks out. Please see the attached picture for an idea of what this looks like. It's as if the computer doesn't have the ability to refresh the image fast enough inside the window, and so it leaves it garbled. If you close it, and then open it again, it's normal again until you move it. If you move an icon, it's fine -- it's only when you move a larger app or window. It does this very consistently, and there is no additional screen-garbling other than this issue.

I've done all the resets. I've connected an external display, and the defects show on the display, which logically tells me the board is probably at fault. I've swapped the RAM, tested the slots, and tried both Tiger and Leopard on different hard drives, and the problem persists. I've tried different screen resolutions.

I would typically just write this off as a bad board and a video issue, but I'm fascinated that the problem is so reliable and so specific, whereas most video issues are random and all-encompassing. And like I said, the machine works perfectly as long as you don't move stuff around.

Any ideas?



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The ultimate test would be a logic board swap with a known working one but from your description and from the tests you've done I think you're right with the bad mobo diagnostic.


I've swapped everything BUT the board, so I think that is effectively about the same as a board swap. :-) I hate machines like this -- you don't want to scrap them because they are 99.9% working, yet the flaw is significant enough that you can't do anything with the machine.


Sell it to a blind guy ;-)


Oh, I have so many computers that would be perfect for blind people! :-)


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You could try reflowing the solder beneath the GPU with a heat gun. It's a potentially dangerous procedure, but with your problem, I would suggest one of the solder balls just lost contact. Normally when this happens, it's more than just one ball to lose contact and you end up with problems like the iBook G3s had. Anyway. Just a thought... If you do decide to try it, let us know how it goes. I'm curious to see if that's your problem. :)

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