iPhone 4 battery drain and buzzing speakers

My iPhone 4's speakers have been buzzing for 3 weeks now - and ever since then my battery has been draining. This morning it stopped buzzing and the battery drain stopped too. The battery drains around 1% in 2 minutes when the phone is IDLE. When the buzz was gone my phone stopped getting hot randomly (it used to) and the battery drain stopped. 1% held the phone for 2 hours during this period.

Then randomly the buzz came back, and the battery drain too. I thought of a faulty speaker so I took my phone apart and ripped the speakers' 2 yellow pins. (the ones here) http://guide-images.ifixit.net/igi/qRHQw...

I thought it would have stopped the drain, but it didn't work. Now my usage shows 15353 days, 3 hours used, 15353 days, 5 hours idle.

My iPhone 4 still keeps getting hot on IDLE when it is not charging and drains 1% every 2 minutes.

I tried restoring back to stock firmware, deleting all apps, stopping all push notifs. , stopping fetch mail and everything but the problem persists.

BTW of course the buzz is gone because the speakers are cancelled.

What can I do? Closest genius is 8 hours away with a plane. I'm going abroad 2 days later and I need my phone to hold me for at least 10 hours a day (a full charge used to hold me off for 2 days)

and aside from the question what can I do, is there a cydia tweak which cancels the speakers completely, like rejecting the logic board's connection with it? Thanks.

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