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Анонсированный 13 Октября и выпущенный 23 Октября флагманский смартфон 2020 года от Apple оснащен 6.1-дюймовым OLED-дисплеем, системой задних камер с тремя объективами, LiDAR и 5G. Преемник iPhone 11 Pro.

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Why my iPhone is not charging wirelessly?

I recently purchased a used iPhone 12pro and also bought a wireless charger for it. However, my phone is not charging wirelessly, because I have a cover on it. The place where I bought the iPhone cover said that their cover is compatible with wireless charging, this is the link to the website where I bought the cover. Can someone with more experience tell me if this cover is actually compatible with wireless charging or not?

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Does the device charge without the cover?


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remove the case and check the charger without. It should also be taken into account that sometimes cheap inductive chargers simply do not work. If you have another phone with this feature (or someone in your area) check it out as well. Etui will be compatible, provided that there is nothing protruding (stand?), especially with those cheap chargers with a short action profile. The Apple charger (magSafe) will easily reach it with its range.

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