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The Respironics Millennium 10 is a ten-liter oxygen concentration machine.

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Millenium M10 oxigen concentrator parts

Hi, I am looking for a replacement circuit board for a Millenium M10 oxigen concentrator. By any chance do you have it available or can you give ne any information where to buy it?

Thank you

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Monica De Pablos iFixit does not have those parts. The issue here is that there is such a tight grasp on the biomedical industry that it is almost impossible to purchase from any of the official manufacturers. I suggest you scour around the biomed tech sites and forums and see if you can get somebody to get you a good lead. Of course, the other option would be to use a service that repairs circuit boards regardless of what it is out off. Anytime you will mention patient care equipment, people will shy away from repairing since there is such a fear of "doing harm" and getting sued.

Post a couple of really good pictures of that board so that we can try to identify makers, parts number or other ID marks that may help you source a replacement board.

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