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My Switch crashed while it was charging. Now it is unresponsive.

Last night I was playing on my Switch, when out of nowhere it crashed, saying an error occurred. Now it won’t turn back on at all, no matter how long I hold the power button. The controllers still light up but the console is unresponsive.

I practically always have it plugged into the charger, and over the years the cord has gotten a little damaged. I’ve been needing to charge it at an angle for it to work. What concerns me is that my Switch was at 100% when it crashed.

Can anyone please give me suggestions?

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different things can cause it to crash, if you have an sd card or game inserted in the switch try removing them to see if it turns on. also get the charge port changed before you cause any other damage to it otherwise it could rip solder pads and cost you more to repair

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