questions about using the JC V1SE Programmer

just unpacked my JC V1SE - very excited.

will spend some time figuring out how to use it properly, but have some initial questions. hoping some of the seasoned pro's can help me out.

1) the unit can be run off of a iphone 6s battery. i tried 7 different older batteries but i couldn't keep the battery connector in the socket. once connected, as soon as i released pressure it popped out. is the battery the only way to power it, or can i the USB-C port at the bottom of the unit to supply power? I did connect the included USB-A to USB-C cable between the laptop and the programmer and it did power up.

2) if the USB-C port can be used to power the programmer for operational use, is the laptop the only method (because of the lower amperage)? can i use a 1A (iphone) or 2.1A (ipad) wall-wart/AC charger? or is that pushing too much juice through it?

3) i see in forums and videos that there are windows drivers and windows software that can be used in conjunction with the programmer. is this required? or can the V1SE be used as a stand-alone tool to do component reprogramming?

4) dumb question, but going to ask so i don't have to assume.... the USB A port on the top is to plug in an iphone via the phone's lightning port. the USB C port on the bottom is strictly for providing power to the unit and is not for any sort of data exchange. is this all correct?

5) regarding reprogramming battery SN, can OEM apple batteries have their SN re-written? or is only 3rd party batteries that can have their data changed? and once a component has has its SN reprogrammed, can it ever be reprogrammed again?

6) i've read that it's only JC type home buttons that can be reprogrammed. i've only worked with two different ones, v3 and v8.1. will one or the other or both work with the reprogramming? has anyone had any experience or success with reprogramming the YF type or even Apple OEM buttons?

thanks for your time and info.

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@flannelist you work with all kinds of "Fancy Schmancy" equipment....


@oldturkey03 Funnily enough this is a rabbit hole I never dove into. Most of my iPhone repairs these days are for friends. And if I tell them they have to live without true Tone, and there might be an error message that pops up on their screen, they're okay with that. "Because Apple" is a justification most of my people are pretty well familiar with.


I had a problem with the iPhone X battery connector on the Qian Li programmer I bought; like yours, the connector wouldn't stay seated in the socket. I finally just bought a replacement battery board and now it sits in there just fine.


@flannelist I love it. I thought I was the only one who really, really stayed away from this. I never mind trying to fix anything but I just did not want to go down that way. Thanks for clarifying.


I'm not sure about the V1SE, but on the iCopy device you can control the programmer via PC software. The place I've used that feature is in reading the True Tone data out of a phone where I didn't have the original screen. There's a way to copy/paste that number into the PC software, whereupon it's downloaded to the programmer and programmed into the screen connected to the programmer. Without a PC, you can only read the True Tone data from a screen; there's no way to get it directly from the phone with just the programmer.


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