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How do I maximize my LCD's life?

I have an LED-backlit LCD panel on my MacBook Pro A1226. I was wondering if minimizing its brightness during the day will prolong the life of the LEDs, or at least prolong the LCD's intensity.

Right now the LCD is nice and bright, but I have definitely seen older PowerBooks (my wife's) which cannot achieve the same brightness they once could.

Is this deteriorating brightness problem a thing of the past -- fixed with LED-backlighting -- or should I reduce the brightness of my display during the day, when it is not used as heavily (only as a secondary monitor)?

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Did you mod your machine? Otherwise, a Model A1211 MBP does not have an LED-backlit LCD...


Oops. I meant to say A1226.


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LCD's tend to be pretty long lasting, I have seen PowerBook 180's with fully functional color LCD screens, and these computers were produced in the early 90's. If the LCD isn't as great as it used to be then it might be a defect . If it isn't as bright as it used to be then the backlight inverter might be dying. This can be replaced pretty easilly. LCD panels tend to get a tint if they a exposed to heat. I have seem cases where LCD TVs will say on the warrenty that heat damage causing a tint. And ben is right, they didn't make stock led panels in the MB Pro that you have? Did you modify it? LEDs can last a lifetime. The led backlight wouldn't fade over time like a cfl light.

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Thanks for the response Chris!


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