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The GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro is a is a multi-platform controller equipped with patented anti-drift Hall effect joysticks. It was released in Q1, 2022.

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Flashing Lights when woken up shuts down after 10 seconds

When i wake up the controller it just flash LEDs for 10 seconds and it turns off.

PS: I charged it for more than two hours. and its brand new

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After 6 hours of searching i found a solution.


there are two update methods for this controller

1. Firmware Update - Straight forward update.

  1. CPU Update - Mine came in with v1.13 CPU. I upgraded to 1.15 that fixed my problem. ps 1.16 cpu update have latency issues.

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I have this issue even after all the latest updates! Can pair it with iPhone but my pc can’t see (iPhone Bluetooth off) it just turns off after 10 seconds


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