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Repair guides for Microsoft's Surface Laptop Go, released in October of 2020.

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Left my laptop overnight in cold car

Hi, I left my Microsoft surface go in the car overnight (11 hours) at about 0 degrees C (I think), and it won’t turn on… It was really cold to touch but now it’s heating up but won’t turn on. Can I fix it at home ? Or will it be broken inside ?

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Does it indicate that the battery is charging when the charger is connected to the laptop?


@jayeff hi thanks for your answer, I haven’t tried plugging it in since I didn’t want to break it if there’s moisture inside, but will try now


@Penny Heslop-Pemberton

Hopefully it won't take too long but allow it to fully charge and then try turning it on, with the charger still plugged in.


I would personally leave it in the house for 24 hours to gradually warm back up. It's not really the laptop, more the chemicals in the battery.


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Penny, as @jayeff has said, let it charge, then try turning it on in a little while. The important thing about electronics that has been left in a cold (but otherwise dry) environment, is to let it slowly acclimatise (as in warm back up to room temperature) before doing anything. Blasting it with heat and such, is a sure fire way to let condensation form, and cause liquid damage to the boards inside.

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