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Why is my computer not coming on?

It turns on as if nothing wrong, but then the light goes off and a white screen with a repeated ticking noise coming from inside. A flashing globe appears as if trying to load, but then it stops flashing and nothing happens. It began doing this a while ago, but would finally come on if I gave it time. Any advice will be appreciated. E-Z

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Sound like a bad harddrive - the ticking noise is a dead giveaway - The Flashing globe is the computer attempting to locate a "netboot" A network bootable drive - not really important to know - but the reason its looking for a netboot is because the computer cannot boot off of the internal drive.

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This means that the machine cannot find the startup disk, to resolve this issue, hold down option at startup to select a startup disk. However it seems more likely that your hard drive is just fried, you can test this by starting up in target disk mode and seeing if the drive is fine.

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