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The Valve Index Base Station is a device used to track the position of virtual reality headsets and controllers. It uses infrared technology to accurately track the location of VR equipment in a room, allowing for a more immersive and responsive VR experience.

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What type of connector is used for the base station power cable?

The cable going between the wall wort and the base station had the connector snap in the wall wort. It's a small two prong adapter with a plastic flange that seems like it'd be relatively simple to re-solder if I could find a spare, but I have no idea how to find it. A name or a purchase link would be fantastic. To be clear I am referring to the plug on the other end of the cable from the barrel plug. I believe it is some kind of molex connector?


Block Image

Male (this is the part I need to replace):

Block Image

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A pic would be super helpful


Updated with photos. I've done some more digging and I think it might be a molex micro-connect


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This is most likely a molex connector, as you have pointed out.

As far as I can tell, this should be part number 436450200 which you can view and also get a 3D model of on their official website.

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PS: Had the same issue on mine. I feel like this was a very bad design choice...


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The type of connector used for the base station power cable is typically either a barrel connector or a DC plug.

A barrel connector, also known as a coaxial power connector or a cylindrical power connector, is a circular electrical connector that is commonly used for providing power to electronic devices. It typically consists of a central pin surrounded by an insulating sleeve and an outer metal cylinder that helps to hold the connector in place.

A DC plug is a type of connector that is used to deliver direct current (DC) power to electronic devices. It typically consists of a cylindrical body with metal pins or blades that are inserted into a corresponding socket or jack to deliver power.

Both of these types of connectors are commonly used for providing power to base stations, due to their low cost, ease of use, and reliable electrical connection.

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