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Support for desktop computers by Gateway. Gateway is owned by Acer these days, and anything new by Gateway is supported under the Acer Group.

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no monitor or visual display

gt4010 is the gateway pc

computer boots but no display , ive used several monitors , and still nothing i have a repair disc , any tricks ?

Update (01/29/2023)

no video card , i just hooked up other monitors and cables , to make sure it wasn't one of those .


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@do you use a video card or are you using the integrated video card? What have you checked on your computer? Just to verify, your computer is a Gateway 420GR


@dapose it's all good, no worries:-) Let's see what we can find out.


hopefully the PC guru's like @aactech or @jayeff can assist you with this.



Are you sure that it is booting up e.g. Windows welcome sound etc?

The 420GR has integrated graphics in the CPU therefore it may be failing to POST.


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As far as I know this Gateway GT4010 does not have integrated graphics with the Athlon 64 CPU so you will need a video card.

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