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The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is a multi-platform wireless controller for gaming on Windows, Android, Oculus Go, and Samsung Gear VR. It was released in February, 2019.

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Does this controller vibrate during game play?

Hi I bought a steel series stratus duo controller and realized the controller doesn't vibrate. Is mine a defect or is this not a feature on this particular controller?

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The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is designed to provide haptic feedback (vibration) during gameplay on compatible devices. If your controller isn't vibrating, it could be due to a hardware or software issue. Maybe try some of this

  1. Check the software: Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your controller and that the device you're using it with is compatible.
  2. Check the settings: Check the settings on the device you're using the controller with to ensure that vibration is enabled.
  3. Try a different device: If the controller isn't vibrating on one device, try using it with another device to see if the issue is specific to that device.

Good Luck!

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stratus duo has 0 vibration . ive taken this apart. there are 2 weights in the handles. no trigger motors.. and doesnt look like the pcb even has a place for vibration.

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