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Released in 2015, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 (model number: YT3-850F) was only available in slate black with 16GB memory.

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Why my tablet turn off immediately after disconnected from charger?

Dear team,

First of all, its very appreciative to have support website.

My query is that my tablet is charged at 78%, but it works only when plugged and connected with charger (with electricity) .

How can I correct and use it.

Please guide and help. :)

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@seema94, When you encounter electronic devices, that has an internal battery, and the device promptly power off when unplugged from charger, you have a device where the internal battery is toast and needs replacing.

Lithium batteries (as all batteries) have an expected lifetime, and that is given in years or charge cycles (whichever comes first). Replacing internal batteries can be anything from incredibly simple, to very, very tough!

Replacement battery for the device you’ve chosen aren’t carried by iFixit, but they’re plentiful online, using a simple Google search. When buying replacement parts, be sure that you do some research and don’t just select the first and / or cheapest! Most times it’s far, far better to pay a few extra bucks and purchase from a reputable vendor. There are so many sellers that sells replacement batteries, that are in fact pure scams!

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