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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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Why is my fan not running?

power supply has good 12vdc. replaced fan and new fan is not starting either. any suggestions? is there another part that could cause the fan to not run?

Update (03/16/23)

ok, am thinking that the fan is not the issue then.

thought it was a heat issue because when it stops and try to turn on it will not stay on.

timer or board issue??

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Does the new fan have the same spec's (ie, not 24V or 240VAC or 120VAC)? Can you run both fans on a 12V battery? The power supply may have the correct voltage, but fail to supply enough current or more likely, detect an over-current condition and refuse to run your fan or any fan. Some fans have 3 wires, some 2, others are a four-wire job. Try running a dummy load of same rating to confirm this.


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Make sure that the fan is plugged in correctly. and also sometimes when you're using it the fan won't have to turn on because either the CPU is not hot enough for it to turn on or there is something wrong with the thing that manages the temperatures of the devices inside it

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