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Repair and service information for the Casio G-Shock GA110-1B.

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Can we convert a digital watch into alarm clock

Because here is already a option of alarm but there sound is low i want to make bigger sound then what I need to do

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@xyashx, This is kinda interesting, and the answer is: Yes, kind of possible. It would take some serious work though, and isn’t exactly DIY friendly. I’ve never done actual research into this, but off the top of my head:

You’d need to take the output (the built in “speaker”, it’s probably just a piezo buzzer) and then use the signal that the alarm generates to trigger a second board that you built yourself. Depending on the output produced (voltage) you could use a microcontroller to sense the signal, having the microcontroller trigger another output that goes to a relay board and with some audio circuitry you could get a very powerful (anything really) signal / sound.

As I said, this is absolutely not a first time DIY thing, as it would require microcontroller programming (I’d suggest something simple there as an Arduino Nano or something), electronic circuit design and a lot of soldering.

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Hi @geirandersen,

Kinda takes away from the portability of a watch.

If the watch is to be used as alarm at home just stick it in a big tin and use that as an amplifier ;-)


@jayeff Absolutely takes away the portability 😂 Just me going full-on mod-trigger-happy, in my head I had it hooked up to a HiFi system and everything..


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