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Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Washed out display and inverted colors.

Hi, first of all thanks for reading this, at this point I'm a bit lost and scared.

I had an iMac at home from 2007 that worked wonderfully but as you will understand, being from 2007, it wasn't worth much anymore. I decided to disassemble it and make it a screen for my Mac M1 so I found out how to do it and started my mission.

At first everything was fine, the disassembly process was perfect thanks to IFixit, the search for a good LCD controller too, and the assembly was a bit more cumbersome but I got it too.

After many hours, HURRAY! It worked!

But... with some problems...

First of all I had to modify the configuration of the Mac so that it would send an RGB signal, otherwise the screen would disconnect every second, then I managed to see the image of the second monitor but I realized that it would be seen with inverted colors and very white, washed out.

I've been searching the internet for a few days and talking to the seller, I think he's reached a point where he doesn't know how to help me and he says it's my screen that's old but two weeks ago it worked fine, apart from the inverted color. ... doesn't fit me.

I currently have two theories but I have no clue which is true:

- The problem comes from the LVDS cable, which is why the colors are inverted

- The problem comes from the Inverter (which the iMac 24" has built in in the power cable), that's why the backlight looks so white.

I no longer have the parts of the original iMac, but I can test everything I can get my hands on. I attach some photos.

Thank you!

Block Image

Block Image

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Marçal Galan what adapter do you have? Does it allow for other inputs? Try something other than your Mac M1. How do you connect your M1 to your screen adapter?


@oldturkey03 I have a USB C hdmi cable adapter and i tried with another usbc vga adaptes and on a windows pc too and the problems are the same.


@Marçal Galan that looks more and more like an adapter problem not a display panel problem


@oldturkey03 It cannot be an adapter problem because with the windows PC i connect it directly to the motherboard


@Marçal Galan hm that is interesting. Post some pictures of this adapter. All I have ever used are universal drivers that provide the connections to the panel and took the input from whatever source.

If you are sure that you connect it directly from computer to the lcd panel, then take a look at the panels LCD driver board. There are a couple of IC’s, one of them being the Gamma chip. I could not tell you which one that is, since I do not access to a board or the schematics. You would have to check the Gamma voltage to rule out (or in) that the error is on/with that IC


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To clarify the inverted color issue was present before you did the conversion? Basically the display was working with no issues.

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absolutely, it worked flawlessly


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