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Смартфон был выпущен 26 октября 2018 года с разными модулями связями и количеством SIM-карт. Модели A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108 были доступны с GSM или CDMA/eSIM, nano-SIM или dual-SIM. Объём памяти варьируется в пределах: 64, 128, 256 Гб. И, конечно, iPhone XR увидел свет в различных оттенках корпуса: черном, белом, синем, желтом, Coral и красном.

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Icloud unlocking please tell me

Iphone xr Unlocking how to

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is it your phone and you forgot the icloud credentials? did you acquire it used and the icloud account is someone else's?

if the first scenario, you can go to www.icloud.com or appleid.apple.com and use their "forgot password" process to reset the password and get into the account. if you forgot your email address, or no longer have access to that email account, there is a process for that too, but you will most likely need to provide original proof of purchase.

if it's the second scenario then, like Dan says, you will need to contact the previous owner and have them login to the icloud account and remove the association, either on the phone itself, or via either of the two websites i posted above.

beyond that there is no permanent solution.

yes, you will find services and software offering to remove icloud accounts, it's all BS. these "solutions" involve jailbreaking the phone then installing a "bypass". but the phone will not behave like a normal phone (if i'm misstating some of these items, i welcome correction as a am not a jailbreaking expert). you will likely have issues with downloading and installing apps, you may have issues trying to use the only on you cellular service account, you cannot do auto upgrades the IOS, your device becomes more vulnerable to malware/hacking, battery drain/usage increases dramatically, it makes the overall IOS environment less stable meaning more crashes, and if you do upgrade the IOS or reset the phone, you have to re-jailbreak it again.

using jailbreaking to "fix" an icloud account is like (you may be too young to actually relate to this) watching TV before they had remote controls. you want to change the channel or change the volume or adjust the rabbit ears, you had to get out out of your chair, walk to the tv and do so manually - every time. sure it all worked, but it was horribly inconvenient compared to what a modern day TV remote can do for you.

if anyone has a better analogy, i welcome input on that regard as well. :)

bottom line, the only way to properly remove it is to have the icloud account owner do it

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All you get is a basic phone no access to the apps in the older iOS’s the current versions killed that.


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You will need to contact the previous owner to have them remove the lock and remove it from their iCloud account

There is no other means as much as the scammers tell you, it can’t be unlocked without the original owners involvement.

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