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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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HDMI retimer chip replacement

I am attempting to replace the retimer chip. Even with my hot air station at its highest temp, the chip will not unsolder. Any suggestions?

Update (02/26/2023)

Nigel, it is a cheap one from Amazon. I am even questioning if the iron is even getting hot enough. Can you recommend a reasonable system?

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I like equipment by atten. Not cheap but not expensive either. Never let me down to be honest. Google or ebay.


Thank you Nigel. I will look into it. Can you recommend the replacement for c20 and R31 on the Xbox one X system board? Located around the retimer chip.


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Are you adding flux around the chip? It helps transferring heat. Also it’s not just the chip that has to be hot enough to melt the solder it’s the board too. What temp are you using? 380-400 degrees c should be enough. Use a circular motion with the hot air around the chip and don’t just point it at the chip. It could take a while but take care not to overheat the board as it can warp.

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Thank you for the advice. It appears that my hot air station temp is not correct. Changed to a gun and popped right off. Now if I can find R31 that blew off…All is good.


I will attempt to get it again. I had the heat at 500C. Big issue is I was blowing the caps and resistors off the board. Had what I thought was enough flux, but will keep everyone posted.


If its blowing parts off the board then your airflow is way too high. Turn it down to say 20 to 25% to start with. Also having a small nozzle on the gun will increase the airflow. If parts are moving around the chip then the board is definitely getting hot enough and the chip should also come off. Possibility the chip is burned to the board.


Thanks for the advice. It turns out the hot air station isn’t putting out enough heat. Used a heat gun and popped right off. Now just have to rework some caps and resistors


@lmccreery what station are you using?


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Hi I have replaced MENY hdmi chips it’s a good idea to put something under the bored to keep it off the Surface you are working on because the heat will Suck into the surface and you will lose a lot of heat around the chip and keeping the hot air in Circle motions around the chip to Evenly heat all the pins to get the heat to disperse evenly all over the chip if you have some Heat tape put the tape over the components near the chip to help reduce the heat hitting them then you want have to Re-solder the components back the heat needs to be around 470- 480 c it’s a lot of heat but be Very patient and like I said put heat tape round all the components you can leave yourself enough room to remove the chip When you have removed the chip get some solder Wick and clean the pads but be very careful not to rip the pads off and re-solder with Leaded solder with a low Melting point when you have Soldered the pads try setting the hot air at about 420c Melt the solder first before putting the chip onto the board because the Board will need to get up to temperature that will take some time

Then put the chip as close as you can it should find it’s self by Surface tension and you might see some Solder come out don’t worry use some solder- wick to Mob around the pins and then go around to make sure they are Soldered and then clean with Rubbing alcohol to clean all the flux off to stop corrosion many thanks Mark

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