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The Starlink Gen3 dish is a satellite internet dish developed by SpaceX, designed to connect users to their Starlink satellite internet service.

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starlink dish says disconnected

Can the motor in the Starlink dish be repaired?

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I am having a similar issue. According to other forms online it’s usually and issue with the cable becoming loose at the dish, router, or a damaged cable itself. Apparently they tend to disconnect at the dish on their own or overtime. The issue I’m having right now is a damaged port on the router that runs to the dish. Causing no power to the dish and therefore no actual internet connection.

Make sure both ends of the cable are fully seated, and there is no damage or kinks in the cable. Barring that, look at the actual ports on both the dish and router. I know they shipped me a “refurbished” replacement. An I’m positive there was zero refurbishment.

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Thank you. That was probably the problem. Starlink contacted me a week later and sent a replacement


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