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CB Radio (all types) first introduced in 1958.

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Radio Blowing a Fuse

Reposted for @matty77204:

I have a cb radio a COBRA 148F GTL am ssb with freq counter so it use to work i could plug it in and it work One day i got stupid and hook the power cord up to the 148F GTL and stuck the power cord into the power cord strip surge protector and it blew the fuse and i pulled the wires out a day later i replaced the fuse in the power cord and hook my cobra 148F GTL and it turn the radio on nothing but it blows the fuse in the line i then changed the fuse and hook my other COBRA 29 LTD bluetooth up it turns on off display works fully working so i was wondering if you know the cause of why my cobra 148F GTL wont turn on and when i turn it on it blows the fuse all the time.. Looking for answers. Thank you for your time... Matt

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When you plugged it into the incorrect cord you shorted something on the circuit board.

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There will be a protection diode that has been blown by the (reverse polarity?). It will be a bit larger black resin type diode, and it will need to be changed out otherwise it will keep blowing fuses. A 4001 rectifier diode will work. Keep in mind the orientation of the original as far as anode and cathode. Now, with this said, I am unsure exactly what you plugged it into or what polarity. Hopefully it was a 12v power supply.

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It will be very, very close to where the main positive wire runs into the circuit board from the power plug.


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