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A1708 / EMC 2978 — Released October 2016, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar). The function key version packs an Intel Core i5 and two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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Keyboard internal cable doesn’t work


I have a MacBook Pro 2016 without touchbar (A1708). I decided to change the battery and to replace the thermal paste on cpu. It worked, but after I replaced everything my keyboard doesn’t work.

I thought I broke the internal cable for the keyboard, so I changed it, but same problem. Actually I found that the problem is that one part of the cable doesn’t stick on the motherboard. If I press that part and turn on the laptop the keyboard will work. But as soon as I release the pressure I can hear a sound of « unstick ».

I tried to contact the seller from where I bought the cable. He is saying to put regular tape, but there is no way that regular tape put enough pressure on it.

Do you have any idea how to have the cable permanently in contact of the metal part of the motherboard ? Or the problem comes from somewhere else?

Below pictures that I tried to take:

Block Image

This is the part on the cable which doesn’t stick to the metal part on the motherboard. I already removed the plastic around the fan which was hiding the cable. When I put the plastic back, actually there will be another cable on the keyboard cable. That cable is tough and I thought that it was it which make pressure but I didn’t succeed that way neither.

Block Image

This is before I unmount the plastic I was talking before. The keyboard cable part which doesn’t stick is circle in red. It’s actually under another cable.

Block Image

The red circle is the part of the cable which doesn’t stick on the motherboard. I say stick because I feel there was really kind a glue on it. When I press then release my finger, the cable will go up just a little bit, and no more contact with the motherboard.

Update (03/19/23)

I have shown some pictures to a friend, he thought that the part I circled in RED might not be a connector, but just something to help to stick better on the motherboard. He thought that when I pressed that part, it was making better contact where there is the connector (circle in GREEN) and there was no link with the part circle in RED.

Block Image

My next try is I will buy some strong tape and try to tape different parts to see how it works better. Now that I checked more the connector, it's true that when I was removing the motherboard from the laptop, I forgot to remove the keyboard cable (because it didn't see it under the right speaker cable). So maybe I did something bad to the connector circle in GREEN?

Also when I remove the plastic part (which belongs to the right speaker) which covers the keyboard cable, I noticed that the 2 speakers and some screw were oxidised, I wonder if the connector circled on GREEN wouldn't be also oxidised. Don't know if it worth a shot to put WD40 on the connector.

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I finally got my keyboard fixed. After few weeks to try many different things which didn’t work, I gave up, and went to a fixing shop.

I have been to 3 shops and they said all the same: the problem was the motherboard, when I unmounted everything I damaged it. I’m sure it’s because I didn’t pay attention enough of the videos I watched: the keyboard cable was hidden under the speaker cable. So pay attention guys, at that place there are 2 cables to remove! Not one!

Thankfully I live in Shenzhen and here the reparation cost for electronic are affordable: equivalent of 40 euros to fix the motherboard, replace some screws and rubber washers which were oxidised/broken, and make the percentage of my battery working (for the battery seems just a SMC reset with the newly working keyboard made the trick, with the usb keyboard plugged I couldn’t reset the SMC).

This MacBook version is pretty a mess to fix and to unmount. If you are very careful, have proper tools (mine were so so, so next time I will order iFixit kit), watched several times videos, you can do it, otherwise ask someone to do it for you.

Replace by yourself the battery is actually much easier than unmounting the motherboard, just pay attention to the touchpad, after it will be just annoying to remove the battery tape. But again, still pay attention to the touchpad, my friend got replaced his battery at a shop few weeks ago, and once he went back home he noticed that the touchpad was not working well on one side… The battery replacement is totally feasible, just follow the recommandations of iFixit and use their tools.

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I have had this same issue. This may not be yours, but here’s my tale of woe. Hopefully it helps. For the record, I hate this cable. And the speaker one that goes over it. But that’s just me griping.

It may be less that this part of the cable doesn’t stick, and more where you’ve positioned the next adhesive bit down. I had a MacBook Air 2017 that I used to cart around in a bag, but then it started to become stationary because every time I took it somewhere the trackpad cable would come loose. Here was my issue.

Block Image

There needs to be a little bit of wiggle room in here, you don’t want such a tight fit. If the amount of cable between where it’s adhered solidly to the top case and the connector itself on the board is too short, the tension for the cable to pop out will be more than the force the latch on the ZIF connector is exerting to hold it in. Especially here where there’s a speaker that lies on top of it.

TL:DR Try seeing if it does the same thing if you peel up the adhesive holding the cable onto the underside of the keyboard. Give the cable some slack and see if it still pops out when you let go.

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Thanks for your help!

After I read your comment, I noticed that the tension for the cable make it pop up. So I followed you recommendation to give the cable some slack, but unfortunately it didn't work.

PS: I updated my question with more information. If you have more ideas it would be very appreciated :)


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