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Model M8413 or A1007 / 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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saving files from hard disc

The motherboard on my iBook is damaged and i don't want to replace it as i've got a newer MacBook. What i do want to do is retrieve all my photos etc from the broken iBook hard drive. Can anyone tell me if this is possible?


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Yes it's possible several ways. Try hooking up via firewire cable and starting the old computer holding down the "T" key. The hard drive icon should show up on the new computers screen as a firewire drive. Then just drag and drop your data. If this doesn't work you will have to remove the drive. You'll need a IDE external hook up, a cheap external enclosure from eBay is about $16.00. Other adapters are available, but with this it can be used for storage.

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You can also try using migration assistant if you have 10.5 or more, as soon as you can see the drive.


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What you should just do is go further than mayer hinted at, get an external enclosure (this one works and extract the drive using this guide, and then just use it as an external hard drive since you're throwing out (or whatever) the older laptop, since the drive is fine you can have all of your files stored nicely on the drive, and take them off whenever you care.

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