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Portable tablet computer released in July 2017. Has an 8" display , 2GB memory, and 16GB storage. Identified by model number TB-8504F.

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Replacing back panel on Lenovo tablet

Hi, II have an early Lenovo Tab 4 8 with a glass back panel instead of the usual plastic back. I need to replace the battery, how easy is it to remove the glass back panel. Also as the battery is completely dead how can I transfer data that is stored on the hard drive to a new tablet?

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Thanks for this info, I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again



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If -and only if- you have enough patience, it is not hard to remove the backside. Keep on heating the backglass, but not to warm. Around 80 degrees celcius for 5 minutes. Pry with a plastic tool around the edge and keep heating it up if it takes too many effort to come loose.

You can't transfer the data if your battery is dead. Your only solution to get your data back is to replace your battery. When you succesfully removed the backglass, replacing the battery is easy. Just be careful to not pry the battery, as it can get on fire.

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