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The Galaxy Note10 Lite was released in January 2020. It is a mid-range variant of the Note 10.

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I replaced the charger board, and it is useless

This phone does not charge It doesn't even show me the charger sign. I took the phone apart and installed it again. It shows me the charger sign now but it is not charging I hope you will answer me. Is it possible that the problem is from the motherboard?

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@lina11 absolutely possible. Check the Samsung Flow chart for this

Block Image

Now I do not have a searchable version of the schematic. You'll have to scour through the board images.

Block Image

Block Image

U7016 is on the board view. Now you just have to get the eplist for your phone. I'll keep looking as well

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Thank you very much for answering me♥. Do you think the problem is from the motherboard, which I understood from the schematic diagrams that the problem is in the U7016? Should I buy a new motherboard, but I'm afraid the problem is from somewhere else. Is that possible? I'm a little desperate to fix the phone, but I still have some hope.


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