TV not coming on. Can the screen be fixed? At what cost?

Is there a screen replacement for the Sony Bravia 40 inch TV? The TV does not come on at all . What's the cost if so?

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@kajallajme57531 Does the LED light up?


@kajallajme57531 if it does not come on at all it is not always the screen. did you break the screen? What is the exact model for your TV? What have you checked?


@andrewsawesome no. It doesn't come on at all. Not even with the remote. Tryed changing plug points. Nothing. Checked the power cord. No damage


@oldturkey03 no. The TV hasn't been broken . It's a Sony Bravia 40 "bought it in 2009.


@kajallajme57531 Do you have a multimeter?


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