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PowerA's Gamecube Style Wireless Controller is a third party controller made for the Nintendo Switch. The controller is modelled after the beloved Gamecube controller, offering a wireless alternative to Nintendo's own controllers.

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Does this use the same (abxy) buttons as the original GameCube

I wanna replace the buttons on one and I don’t know if I can use custom resin, 3d printed, or even injecting molded buttons for the original GameCube controller on it

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as long as you know what your doing, and use a guide, and have the right parts( and tools), it should work, and you need to make sure its meant for the wireless gamecube, and not a normal gamecube controller, as they could be very different inside. (although i don't think original buttons would work)

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Usually you can’t find replacement parts for 3rd party controllers online but I’ll look


you could if its a popular one, but you could maybe modify original ones(like sanding them down to the right size) if the controller is the same measurements as the original.


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