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How do you repair a dead iPhone?

I tried cleaning the charging port.

Replacing the battery.

Replacing the screen.

Do I just keep going?

Replace the charging port and logic board?

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At this point you've replaced almost everything that can be done to get a dead phone back to life. Replacing the screen will fix an unresponsive screen, although there are normally other signs of life if it's just a screen issue, such as being recognized when plugged into a computer, or vibrating when the silent switch is toggled.

Likewise, assuming you've verified that you have an operational charger and a working cord, replacing the battery is a perfectly reasonable next step, since the phone won't power up with a bad/dead battery. Following that, the next item on the list is to make sure power is getting from the charging port to the motherboard/battery by replacing the lightning port assembly.

For your phone those assemblies are cheap and easy to get, so I'd say it's worth your time to replace it. If that doesn't do the job, however, at that point you're probably looking at a board level problem. While you can buy replacement board (don't forget to purchase the paired Touch ID home button at the same time), its really not that economical since you can buy an entire 6S plus phone for what you'd pay for a paired motherboard/Touch ID combo.

On the other hand, you may well be able to get a 6S Plus being sold for parts that you can salvage those parts from and restore them back to life. Just be 100% sure to check the IMEI for iCloud and SIM locks before you purchase. A SIM lock may or may not be an issue depending on whether your carrier matches the one the logic board is locked to or not, but in many cases you can pay to get a SIM lock removed if need be. Forget anything with an iCloud lock or with Find My iPhone (FMI) on; you'll just be wasting your money, as those cannot be removed.

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Thanks for such a detailed response. Good to know my fault finding is on the right track. I’ve ordered the lightening port part and hope that brings new life.

If the port swap doesn’t work, I’m weary of doing a logic board replacement for the reasons you listed.

Do you know of a way to recover data from a dead device? I heard about some 3rd party software but I’m skeptical. If the phone had a black screen but still vibrates then OK. But mine doesn’t boot at all. I can’t imagine hooking it up to a laptop is worthwhile. It’s dead.

Is it possible to remove the flash memory and install it into another device? If I can get a broken phone like you said, I could put my memory chip into it, do a backup to my laptop then eventually restore to a new phone.


@pcman71108 Software can almost never recover data from a device that has no signs of life and what claims it can is usually a scam. You can take it or ship it to companies who do offer transferring the flash chips to different logic boards but it is expensive and far from a DIY job without the equipment especially if the data is important to you. You also need to factor in the risk the NAND could be dead.


@thequacker what would be your recommendation if the charging port replacement doesn’t work? The goal is to get access to the data on the device.


@pcman71108 If the data is important and assuming the charging port doesn’t work then your only choice may be taking it somewhere. You could try and soak the logic board in 99% isopropyl alcohol as a last ditch effort as that occasionally brings stuff back to life.


@thequacker There’s a place near me that can do an inexpensive diag. At least I’ll know if the issue can be fixed or not. Sucks when you can’t fix it yourself. Thanks for help buddy.


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Didn't you just replaced everything in the phone doing this? It will be a completely different phone at that point.

Find out why it is dead, specifically what is preventing it from powering on.

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How can I best determine where the issue lies? I’m pretty much just replacing parts one at a time. But I haven’t replaced everything yet.


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