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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Small blue smudge on the display only visible when viewing dark colors

Hello I am having an issue with my Apple Thunderbolt Display due to a blue smudge you can see in the following image:

Block Image

Block Image

This smudge is only visible on very dark or black colors and is not visible at all with light colors. It is only really visible on higher brightneses but when viewing anything that is dark it is very distracting and a pretty big annoyance on this otherwise pristine monitor. At first I thought it was stuck pixels but it is a more bloblike appearance that is not defined by the individual pixels and it also hasn't disappeared when using one of those stuck pixel removal videos. I am not afraid of taking apart the monitor as it wouldn't be the first time but I am curious if anyone is aware of what this is. Really couldn't speak on the life of this monitor as I got it used from a school so I am not sure what kind of abuse it may have sustained in the past. If needed I can attempt to take a clearer picture. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry I don’t see the area, I do see a good reflection of you😊

Often when I hear of smudges, it’s either dust or fungus. Dust on the top of the inside surface of the cover glass or the display panel it’s self, and fungus growing on the defuser sheets.

Careful cleaning is about all you can do with the screen or cover glass. I use a clean feather which I use to spot dust the area or a very clean micro cloth which I drag across in one direction of the screen as I don’t want to damage the coatings.

The defuser sheets are tricky! I find pouring reagent grade 90% isopropyl alcohol across, letting the sheets air dry. That will get rid of the dust, you might need to spot treat a few areas. Be careful as it doesn’t take much to wrinkle the sheet which you don’t want. You may need to replace them if the fungus damaged them.

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Thanks for the answer Dan. I was worried it may be something in the diffusers. I did add an edited photo that is zoomed in a bit. Sadly it doesn't appear to be anything dirty on the display or in between the glass. I tried to get another photo but my 12 mini struggles with capturing anything too close up.


@thequacker - mmm… Thats more likely a thin spot of the liquid crystal liquid sandwiched between the glass of the display panel.

Think how black ink placed between two sheets of plastic that is slightly blistered reacts as you press the ink will part getting thinner as you press.

In this case it’s likely a uneven glass plate so the very so little raised area creates a thin spot.

There really isn’t anything you can do to alter this other than replace the panel. Sadly, I doubt you’ll find one that’s any better.


@danj Darn. Thanks for the help Dan. I guess I will just have to deal with it.


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